Geocycle around the world

Geocycle is a leading provider of sustainable, circular waste management solutions across industrial, agricultural and municipal sectors, with a presence in nearly 200 locations across 40 countries.

Our teams of dedicated professionals are active on five continents: Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, North America. 

Our local teams work closely with customers every day to provide sustainable solutions to their waste challenges. We are all driven by our passion to make waste management more sustainable and create a cleaner and greener planet.


Home to Geocycle’s head office and to over 35 operational units, we are one of the leaders in sustainable waste recovery and recycling solutions. We collaborate extensively with partners across the value chain to implement sustainable solutions that will deliver Europe’s green deal targets.

Helping mitigate wildfires in Greece through waste management

In July 2023, scorching temperatures led to mass wildfires across Greece. Geocycle Hellas collected and treated over 40,000 tons of potentially combustible materials, contributing to the prevention of fires.

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Nils Kruse
Head of Geocycle, Head of Geocycle Europe

Latin America

Geocycle operates in six countries in Latin America. We provide our expertise and know-how for better waste governance as well as the missing infrastructure to enable more sustainable waste management solutions at large scale.

Elevating recycling efforts in the Galapagos

On the islands of Galapagos, a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its unique biodiversity, Geocycle Ecuador has transformed waste management. Since 2022, we have implemented solutions that have recovered around 60% of Santa Cruz Island’s non-recyclable waste on its journey to become waste neutral.

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Sven Ritschard
Head of Geocycle Region Latin America

Asia, Middle East and Africa

Geocycle is active in countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa. We are working both with authorities and industrial partners to promote the implementation of waste frameworks that enable a more sustainable development. We provide technical solutions that allow for better waste management and contribute to local economic opportunities.

Recovering plastic waste in Bangladesh

Plastic remains a major contributor to waste in Bangladesh. To combat plastic pollution, Geocycle and Sylhet City Corporation inaugurated the country’s first waste segregation facility. The plant will tackle solid and plastic waste mismanagement, helping Bangladesh protect its local environment.

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Moumita Chakraborty
Head of Geocycle Region Asia, Middle East and Africa

North America

In the US and Canada, Geocycle provides services to a broad portfolio of clients including Fortune 500 companies. With our operations network we are at the forefront of the effort to transform waste into resources.

A new state-of-the-art facility in the US

In 2024, Geocycle Cumberland unveiled its new facility in Maryland. This innovative new plant will process up to 75,000 tons of plastics and byproducts into alternative fuels annually, supporting Geocycle’s goal of finding new uses for unwanted materials.

Sophie Wu
Head of Geocycle Region North America

Our teams are located across 200 sites around the world. Head to our directory to find your local Geocycle team.

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