Poorly managed waste contributes to global warming. It accounts for an estimated 20% of the global methane output and 3.3% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.1

At Geocycle, we support our partners’ sustainability targets and decarbonization goals. Our solutions transform waste into resources and we help reduce GHG emissions by diverting waste from landfills. 

1 World Economic Forum

Carbon reduction for a greener future

Emissions from human activities are the primary cause of climate change. To ensure a better life for tomorrow, the world must transition to a low-carbon economy and absorb the GHGs it emits. 

To effectively decarbonize and achieve net zero goals, businesses must consider both the waste generated from production and the waste from product consumption. By implementing sustainable waste management solutions, businesses can reduce their environmental impact. 

Geocycle transforms waste into resources across value chains. We recycle discarded and end-of-life materials and recover non-recyclables.

Our collaborative approach to decarbonization

Geocycle works closely with multinational companies all over the globe to help them achieve their sustainability and decarbonization goals. In 2023 alone, our solutions prevented an estimated 15 million tons of carbon equivalent GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere. 

We focus predominantly on waste biomass and materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or dumped. These recycled materials are converted into low-carbon alternatives that replace fossil fuels in the cement manufacturing process. Our technology also enables us to recycle decarbonated mineral waste to minimize carbon process emissions even further, diminishing our customers’ environmental footprints.

The circular economy plays a vital role in decarbonization. However, integrated circular systems for waste management are not yet widely available. Geocycle contributes to the expanding circular economy by recycling waste and decreasing the use of raw materials for our clients.

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