Our solutions

Research shows it would take the equivalent of 1.7 planet Earths to regenerate humankind’s consumption of resources. To decrease dependence on virgin resources, at Geocycle we provide circular and sustainable solutions to recover and recycle waste.

Transforming waste into resources

We handle a wide variety of types of waste – from municipal solids, agricultural, fossil fuel combustion and industrial waste. Our expert teams are equipped to handle hazardous waste following our stringent safety protocols. 

Our scientifically proven solutions are centered around industrial symbiosis – fostering mutual benefits across industries. We work with industries and municipalities to help them dispose of waste in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. We then recover energy and materials from this waste to use as inputs to decarbonize cement production. This circular approach both diverts waste from landfills and reduces our reliance on natural resources.

Our services

Assessment & consultation

To recommend the best treatment options for our partners’ needs, we conduct a comprehensive survey of their waste.

Laboratory testing

To verify that the waste is suitable for treatment, it is essential to conduct a thorough laboratory analysis.

Collection & transportation

Our team collects waste directly from our partners and transports it to a local Geocycle plant for processing.

Waste pre-treatment

Our trained operators use state-of-the-art handling equipment to manage the different types of waste and ensure the highest standard of safety, control and quality.

Additional services

Depending on the waste stream and our partners’ needs, we offer additional services such as risk assessment, sorting, repackaging, labeling and more.

For industries, the management of by-products is often costly and time-consuming. It also distracts from key business functions. This situation can produce significant liabilities and risks. 

At Geocycle, we work closely with industries around the world to develop innovative waste solutions that meet their sustainability goals.

Municipalities increasingly need smarter, greener and more cost-effective solutions to tackle their local waste challenges. 

Geocycle specializes in collaborating with local authorities to deliver solutions that protect the environment, drive the local economy and improve the livelihoods of communities around the world.