In order to promote transparency in our behaviour and integrity in the way we conduct our business, we encourage a free-speech culture, in which employees can report any questionable behaviour to their superiors. Reporting a suspected violation is the duty of all employees and is encouraged by management. However, circumstances may sometimes require certain matters to be reported through a confidential internal reporting channel.

To do this, we want to ensure that all employees have the tools, resources and information they need to always make the right decisions. This is why the Group launched the Holcim Integrity Line in 2014, which is a global ethics advice and reporting system that complements our existing advices and reportings. 

Since December 2023, an additional internal reporting channel has been introduced in Belgium in application of the new Belgian “whistleblower” law. Within this framework, an additional directive ("Whistleblower Policy") has been established for Belgium. This determines, among other things, which type of infringements can be reported via this local reporting channel: the list of these types of infringements is slightly more extensive than that included in the worldwide whistleblower policy of the Holcim Group. 

To report problems or ask questions, you now have access to the Holcim Integrity Line (with a secure telephone and a web-based ethics advice and reporting system as well as the support of an independent provider), and in parallel, a dedicated email address and telephone number for raising an alert at Belgian level

Both the Integrity Line platform and the national whistleblowers’ procedure will give you the opportunity for anonymous reports, although we encourage you to identify yourself. You never have to fear reprisals if you make a report in good faith.

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