Health, safety and environment

At Geocycle, the well-being of our team, partners and visitors is of primary importance. We are committed to maintaining the highest health, safety and environment (HSE) standards and continuously improving our processes. 

Our HSE guidelines ensure facility compliance with the latest norms and ongoing training of employees. They also ensure the necessary emergency response plans are in place.

Safeguarding against risk

Our strict internal policies guide our decision-making to safeguard against potential risks at Geocycle. We keep HSE top of mind to ensure exemplary safety compliance. 

Analyzing, evaluating and communicating about potential risks is fundamental to ensuring that waste is being managed safely. As part of our internal safety and risk management program, we continuously train our team to systematically assess potential hazards. 

Our team has the expertise to responsibly prepare waste biomass and identify the potential risks for each type of material under operating conditions. Throughout our waste management process, our experts actively take preventative measures to mitigate risks and further develop our operational safety solutions.

Prioritizing safety at our facilities

All Geocycle facilities are designed to comply with our HSE guidelines. To protect our teams, our facilities are equipped with technical solutions for vapors, odors, dust, infiltration into the ground or surface water, and fire protection. Emergency response plans are implemented and enforced throughout our operations.

We conduct our operations with the utmost respect for our people and the surrounding community. Our solutions are designed to protect the environment, fuel the local economy and improve the livelihoods of communities.

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