Who we are

As a dedicated global business line of Holcim Group, we are rethinking waste. Our teams are committed to tackling the global waste challenge for a cleaner, greener world.

Our vision

As the world’s population rises and global production and consumption grow, inevitably, so does the amount of waste. 

An estimated 11.2 billion tons of solid waste are collected around the world annually with a large portion shipped to landfills. These landfills contribute 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.1 

At Geocycle, we are committed to tackling the global waste challenge and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills or incineration. We transform waste into resources and promote the transition to a circular economy to create a sustainable future. 

As we strive to achieve zero waste of waste for a better tomorrow, we set industry standards for large-scale waste recovery and recycling and provide our partners with sustainable and reliable solutions. 

1 United Nations Environmental Programme


Committed teams around the world

Our dedicated teams, located across 200 sites in 40 countries, are passionate about providing sustainable circular waste management services. 

We are driven by the impact we can have on local communities and the environment. Our wide range of expertise enables us to manage a variety of different types of waste. 

By leveraging our team of experts, we help our customers meet their sustainability targets and overcome their waste challenges. We ensure the highest standards of risk engineering are applied to each step of the chain to ensure a healthy and safe work environment across all our sites.

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Hear what our partners are saying about us

We aim to drive positive change for all the partners we work with. We actively collaborate with regulatory bodies, governments and communities to address the pressing waste concerns affecting society today. 

We spoke with some of our partners about why they chose to work with us.

Joachim Stretz, former representative of GIZ Egypt discusses Geocycle’s important role in the waste management sector. Geocycle has a positive impact in creating employment opportunities, improving public health and protecting the environment.

Former Vice President of the Philippines, Leni Robredo, shares her perspective on Geocycle’s innovations to tackle global environmental challenges and the importance of collaborating to have a greater impact. 

A Geocycle customer at Inquisa, an industrial chemicals manufacturer in Costa Rica, shares how Geocycle treats waste generated from pesticide production to prevent negative impacts on the environment.