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We believe that collaboration, creative thinking and openmindedness are the bedrocks for developing workable, sustainable and impactful solutions. Together with our customers we continue to strive for a zero-waste future.

We support our partners by managing waste safely, responsibly and cost-effectively. Partnering with us lets you focus on what’s most important to you: your business.We provide a wide range of services that include advice, assessment, analysis, logistics support, pretreatment and final treatment through co-processing.

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Assessment & Consultation

assessment consultation

We understand the needs & priorities of our partners and undertake a complete survey of the waste to recommend the best treatment options.


Laboratory Testing


Dedicated laboratory testing produces a thorough analysis of the waste to ensure it is suitable for co-processing.


Collection & Transportation

collection transportation

Our network of reliable logistics partners can support in collecting and transporting the waste promptly & legally.


Special Services

special services

We offer a wide range of services including risk assessment, on side handling, sorting, repackaging, labelling & other solutions, depending on the waste stream and needs of our partners.



pre processingxx

We pre-process waste using a range of techniques to prepare it for safe final treatment. State-of-the-art handling equipment and trained operators manage the various types of waste ensuring the highest standard of safety, control & quality.



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The final step is the safe and environmentally friendly treatment of waste materials through co-processing in cement kilns leaving no residue.

Customers we serve

  • For industries, dealing with waste can be costly, time consuming and diversion from their main business.

    Waste can create a business risk and operational liability. 

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  • Municipalities require smarter, more sustainable and economically feasible answers to solve their waste challenges.

    We partner with you to sustainably solve the community’s waste challenges.

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  • In many countries, management of post harvest agricultural residues is a major challenge.

    These residues are often burnt in the open which can cause pollution having major health impacts for the community.

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  • Waste management companies deal with a wide variety of waste and thus require extensive capacity, flexibility and expertise in their waste management partners. 

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