The Geocycle Approach

We believe that the traditional systems of linear consumption and waste disposal are no longer relevant. Across all sectors of the economy there is a need to embrace a more circular thinking. The world requires a fresh approach to managing waste.


The circular economy, when applied to waste management, consists in 3 levers: avoid land-filling, foster industrial symbiosis and increase resource efficiency. This concept is the essence of Geocycle activities.

We are the most driven, disruptively thinking and energized solution provider for a circular economy. We collaborate with our stakeholders to find the most sustainable solution for their waste, turning it into a circular resource and diverting it from landfills. Our approach ensures complete recycling of minerals and and recovery of energy inherent in waste. This contributes to a closed loop circular economy and helps to achieve a more resource efficient future.


Circular Economy


Industrial symbiosis at work




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Regulatory Compliance


Partnering with communities