The Geocycle circular economy approach

The circular economy, when applied to waste management, consists in 3 levers: avoid landfilling, foster industrial symbiosis and increase resource efficiency. This concept is the essence of Geocycle activities.


Our industrial solution presents many environmental, social and economical benefits. Firstly, our industrial process transform waste into recycled product and energy. It delivers one of the best treatment solutions for non-recyclable waste via traditional treatment.

It contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to the transition towards a less fossil-dependent industry by reducing the quantity of fossil fuels in cement manufacturing as well as avoiding the emissions of alternative treatments like incineration or landfilling,

Finally, Geocycle offers a local waste treatment solution with reduced investment for municipalities as cement capacity is existing, stimulating local economic activity around our facilities by creating new jobs in the waste management sector.


Climate change, population growth, urban development and resource scarcity challenges require from the society as a whole, a proactive approach on sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance

Geocycle activities fully embrace the countries waste regulatory framework and bid an industrial response that supports countries waste policy objectives, through recycling and energy recovery.

Health and Safety

A dedication to safety and environmental protection is built into our corporate DNA.

Partnering with communities

We care for the health and safety of the communities around us and promote their prosperity and well-being.