Public notice regarding the decision of the classification stage



Geocycle (Romania) S.R.L. located in Bucharest, sector 1, 169A Calea Floreasca, building B, 7th floor, announces the interested public in taking the decision of the classification stage by the Environmental Protection Agency Argeş - is not subject to environmental impact assessment in the framework of environmental impact assessment and evaluation procedures of the project "Modernization of Solid Waste Processing Facility for the Main Burner” proposed to be located in Valea Mare – Pravaţ commune, Valea Mare Pravaţ village, Arges County.

The project of classification stage decision and the reasons for it can be consulted at the Environment Protection Agency Argeş, in Piteşti, 50A Egalitӑții str., Argeṣ County,  from Monday to Friday, and at the following Internet address: 

The interested public may submit comments/observations regarding the project of classification stage within 5 days from publication of this notice.