A new life for pond ash: Geocycle helps U.S. Power Utility Company manage large volumes


Business Challenge

One of the largest public power facilities in the United States, supplying power to more than two million people, operates coal-fired power generators  that produce fly-ash and bottom ash. Over the years, this ponded ash accumulated, leading to concerning  environmental challenges.

How Geocycle Approached It

Plant modifications and investments were made at a nearby Geocycle facility so that it could receive and process the ash. Geocycle was thus able to sustainably manage the pond ash and also ensure that the resources inherent in the ash were not allowed to go  waste and were rather utilized in the manufacture of cement.

Customer Benefits

  • Elimination of the long-term legal and environmental liability from the ash landfill
  • Enhanced image to environmental regulators and the community
  • Cost savings of $60 million+ in ash pond remediation and long-term operations