Updated Guidelines on Pre- and Co-processing of Waste in Cement Production released.

GIZ, FHNW, LH and Geocycle have updated the 2006 Guidelines on Co-processing Waste Materials in Cement Production to support further development of environmentally sound and safe pre- and co-processing in developing countries.


Objective of the new guidelines:

The new guidelines aim to contribute towards improving poor waste management practices, particularly in developing low and middle income countries. The guidelines also seek to promote Pre- and Co-processing as a competitive and sustainable waste solution and facilitating close collaboration between the public and private sectors on the topic. Through the guidelines the best practices are shared and also means for capacity building to ensure sound application of the technology are proposed.

Additionally the guidelines will serve to provide links to organizations, institutions and companies active in the field of pre- and co-processing.

Updates in the guidelines:

The new guidelines put a stronger focus on Pre-Processing and inclusivity. They also highlight the role of Pre- and Co-Processing for the circular economy, improving resource efficiency as well as mitigating climate change and marine litter.

New Case Studies from Austria, Philippines, China, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia and Ukraine provide practical examples of pre- and co-processing in action and demonstrate how these technologies can be a part of an integrated waste management system.