Geocycle Switzerland



Geocycle (Schweiz) has been your reliable partner in the waste management business for over 30 years. Together with our partners, we ensure a sustainable development of waste management. Geocycle fulfils the highest safety standards while treating your waste and protecting your reputation.

In 2017, over 335,000 tons of waste were recycled and recovered in three Holcim cement plants in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, we are present at the following locations:

  • Cement plant Siggenthal (AG)
  • Cement plant Eclépens (VD)
  • Cement plant Untervaz (GR)
  • Plastic pre-processing plant, Untersiggenthal (AG)

Our services and waste streams

Geocycle is able to receive various types of waste that can be recycled (minerals) and recovered( energy content) in the cement industry:

  • Mineral: contaminated soils from environmental remediation, concrete filter cakes, construction and demolition waste, sludge from road cleaning activities, iron and aluminum containing waste
  • Liquid: solvents, water solvents, waste oil, emulsions
  • Biomass: dried sewage sludge, animal meal, waste wood, impregnated saw dust
  • Additional solids: plastic and rubber (e.g. tires, conveyor belts, sport flooring)


Neue Plastrec AG

Located in Untersiggenthal (AG) we operate, jointly with our partners, a pre-processing installation for industrial plastic waste. The waste is shredded to a maximum size of 2-3 cm and distributed for the final treatment to the Holcim cement plants.






Recovery of used tires

At the Holcim cement plant in Eclépens (VD), we can receive rubber-based waste, like tires, conveyor belts or sport flooring. Those are shredded and co-processed on site.






Mineral waste reception centers

Geocycle (Schweiz) provides reception centers for mineral waste in Switzerland in three Holcim cement plant locations: Siggenthal-Würenlingen (AG), Eclépens (VD), and Untervaz (GR).

The co-processing approach assures the complete combustion of contaminations and material recovery.