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About us

Geocycle (Switzerland) offers innovative solutions for the simultaneous recycling and recovery of waste and industrial by-products. As part of the worldwide Holcim Group, we have been a reliable partner for waste management for over 30 years. Together with our partners, we develop sustainable solutions in the waste sector. We also maintain the highest safety standards in the recycling process.

Our Services

  • Sustainable waste management Sustainable waste management
  • recycling process Documentation of the treatment and recycling process
  • On-site consultation On-site consultation
  • Support for import and export management Support for import and export management, including documentation in accordance with regulations
  • Safety and protection High standards in terms of safety, health and environmental protection
  • Evaluation and analysis Evaluation, analysis and characterization of waste

Circular Economy

Geocycle (Switzerland) provides an environmentally sound solution to its customers for the treatment of their waste. Through co-processing emissions in the cement production process can be reduced and material cycles along the entire value chain can be closed. Waste from industry is recycled and used as thermal energy in the form of alternative fuels. As a result, fossil fuels such as coal can be replaced and CO2 emissions significantly reduced. The cement industry can also efficiently recycle mineral waste – for instance, contaminated soil from construction sites – and thus replace the natural raw materials limestone and marl. At the same time, this saves the already scarce landfill space in Switzerland.

Waste Streams

Mineral waste
Contaminated soil, overburden or excavated material, filter cake from concrete sludge, road cleaning sludges, soil washing sludges, construction and demolition waste, waste containing iron and aluminum.

Dried sewage sludge, animal meal, waste wood, impregnated sawdust.

Liquid substances
Solvents, water based solvents, waste oils, emulsions.

Other solids
Rubber waste (e.g. used tires, conveyor belts), sorting residues containing plastics.

Our up to date experience: a wide range of very different waste streams

Mineral waste reception centers

Geocycle (Switzerland) allows mineral waste to be delivered to three acceptance centers at Holcim’s plant locations in Siggenthal-Würenlingen (canton of Aargau), Eclépens (canton of Vaud) and Untervaz (canton of Grisons).

Road Cleaning Sludge

At Holcim Siggenthal (canton of Aargau) and at Holcim Untervaz (canton of Grisons) cement plant, Geocycle is able to receive contaminated road cleaning sludge from road sweepers and recycle it in a pollution-free manner.

Neue Plastrec AG

Neue Plastrec AG is located in the immediate vicinity of the Holcim Siggenthal cement plant. In partnership with this firm, Geocycle operates a processing platform for industrial sorting residues used in cement production. The solids are shredded to a grain size of 2–3 cm and recovered at Holcim’s Swiss cement plants.

Recovery of used tires

At Holcim’s Eclépens (canton of Vaud) location, we can accept rubber waste such as tires, which are shredded on site as required and then finally recovered and recycled.

Phosphorus Recovery

In collaboration with scientists at Holcim’s Innovation Center and local Partner, Geocycle is developing a solution for recovering phosphorus from sewage sludge.


Holcim’s Siggenthal (canton of Aargau), Eclépens (canton of Vaud) and Untervaz ( canton of Grisons) cement plants can recover various types of liquid waste. Acceptance is possible by truck and train.

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