Climate change, population growth, urban development and resource scarcity challenges require from the society as a whole, a proactive approach on sustainability. Geocycle provides solutions towards meeting these social, environmental and stakeholder challenges with one clear goal: stop wasting the waste by building industrial symbiosis with our partners.


The environmental benefits of the waste management solutions we provide are numerous: it prevents residues and reduces the need for landfills, It frees up valuable land for more profitable human use, It eliminates toxins that can find their way into soil and ground water, we save municipalities from having to sink valuable funds into ecologically regressive technologies, we contribute to reduce at country level the GHG emissions.


Our Sustainable Achievements

  • Natural resource preservation
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Close the loop of material recycling
  • Sustainable communities (by providing local jobs)
  • Protect health and ensure safety
  • Promote use of renewable energies like biomass

The Geocycle contribution