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Geocycle Romania is part of the global Geocycle network and has been in operation in the country for more than a decade.

Our approach to waste management helps solve the global waste challenge. By providing responsible, sustainable solutions, we contribute to a cleaner environment. We work with our stakeholders in communities around the world to advance a zero-waste future and ensure a brighter tomorrow.

In Alesd and Campulung we offer pre-processing and co-processing solutions which prevent residues and reduce the need for landfills. These solutions free up valuable land for more profitable human use. They also eliminate toxins that can find their way into soil and ground water.

We believe in a future without waste. We work persistently to advance this goal, driven by our desire to serve our customers and society at large. Finding the most cost-effective, sustainable solutions to minimizing and repurposing waste defines our approach.

In 2017 Geocycle Romania prevented from landfilling a quantity equivalent to the waste produced by 720.000 inhabitants – 1/3 of Bucharest population or cumulated population of Timișoara, Oradea and Sibiu.


Our services and served streams

Geocycle proposes a wide range of waste management services, starting from assessment and consultation, laboratory analysis and waste characterization, logistics, transportation and finally waste preparation for co-processing in cement plants. We are the exclusive partner of the Holcim, one of the leading manufacturers of cement, concrete and aggregates that handles the co-processing of waste in the cement production process. We treat:

Solid waste

In Romania, Geocycle owns two stations of pre-solid waste treatment. The stations are built and designed to handle solid wastes that were derived from industrial sources or from municipal waste sorting, including packaging waste paper, plastic or wood.

We increase constantly the capacity of pre-treatment, while our goal is continuous improvement of installations to use the most advanced technology available with regard to safety, quality control and environmental protection.


We provide co-processing of petroleum and sewage sludges in these waste in our cement kilns: Campulung and Alesd. The innovative methods of direct pumping allow us to treat thousands of tons of sewage sludge each year.

Used tires

Every year we send toward co-processing thousands of tons of waste tires. Geocycle directs the tires to cement plants, which are equipped with Holcim storage equipment, automatized alimentation and co-processing and ensures logistic services for waste transportation.


Our process

Treating waste is a demanding, complex, costly and time consuming challenge for companies and municipalities. Geocycle offers waste treatment solutions based on a unique industrial process called coprocessing, which ensures simultaneous recycling and recovery of waste.

This industrial application of the circular economy principles commits to the European and international stringent standards and offers one of the best environmental performance.

More information about coprocessing here:


Laboratory Services

Geocycle offers the following services for analyzes and determinations carried out in the Geocycle Laboratory, accredited RENAR.

  1. Gross/Net calorific value
  2. Flash point
  3. Total sulfurs
  4. Total carbon content
  5. Chlorine content
  6. Ashe content
  7. Moisture content
  8. Water by Karl Fisher and Dean Stark
  9. Mercury measured through AMA analyzer
  10. Determination of heavy metals by optical emission spectroscopy (ICP OES)
  11. Determination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) by gas chromatography (GC) coupled with electron capture (ECD) detector

Geocycle Certificates & Environmental policies

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Our locations


  • Bucharest: 169A Calea Floreasca, 7th Floor, District 1, 014459, Bucharest, Romania

Co-processing facilities:

  • Alesd: Viitorului St., Chistag, 415100, Bihor County
  • Campulung: Valea Mare Pravat Commune, 117805, Campulung, Arges County






Geocycle Romania

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