Regulatory Compliance

Geocycle activities fully embrace the countries waste regulatory framework and bid an industrial response that supports countries waste policy objectives, through recycling and energy recovery.


European Commission strongly supports co-processing as a strong lever for climate change mitigation but also to implement circular economy by our contribution on waste mineral recycling and energy recovery. Discover more with some extracts from European Commission documents.


Waste-to-Energy processes such as co-processing contribute to decarbonizing key sectors [such as cement] and to reducing Green House Gas emissions for the waste sector

(European Commission 2017)

Cement kilns are able to both use the energy and recycle a proportion of material content of waste. In this respect they are a valuable pathway for waste-to-energy

(Joint Research Center, the Commission's science and knowledge service of European Commission, 2016)

In the Indian Hazardous  and Other Waste Management Rules, 2016, the authorities have laid out provision that waste generators should prefer co-processing over other waste disposal options.


Discover where co-processing stands in the European Commission waste hierarchy:

Regulary Compliance