PlaNet: Geocycle launches its solutions for a plastic free future


Geocycle is launching a unique platform for financing sustainable innovative circular waste plastic management projects.

Over 300 million tons of plastics waste is generated every year- enough plastic to make 50 pyramids of Giza. 50% of this is used once and disposed of. Furthermore, more than 8 million tons of plastics end up in our oceans every year. Plastic pollution worldwide will double by 2030 unless major changes are made in how plastic waste is managed, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund. 

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The threat posed by poor waste management is particularly prominent in low-income countries where waste-collection rates are often below 50 per cent. Organizations and individuals alike are keen to take action and are exploring compliant options. 

Geocycle  rethinks the most pressing waste concerns impacting our society today - plastic pollution and marine littering - finding innovative solutions which are the best fit.  Geocycle is offering large scale solutions to these challenges. In 2019, we co-processed 2 million tons of plastics, turning it into a circular resource and diverting it from landfills and the natural environment. 

The Geocycle PlaNet solutions offer a global transparent platform  to address the growing plastic waste. It provides an avenue to plastic waste generators to invest in newer solutions to tackle plastic pollution and marine littering. This will further catalyze innovative and smart plastic waste collection and treatment solutions where they are needed the most. 

Through its large scale waste management projects spread across the world, Geocycle helps its partners in meeting their commitments towards responsible plastic waste management. After collection and sorting, the recyclable materials get channeled towards the recycling industry while the  non-recyclable plastics are safely and effectively managed through co-processing, where its energy is recovered and the material fractions are recycled. 

Full traceability and transparency of the entire value chain will be ensured, and our partners will receive certificates confirming safe and effective management of the waste collected.

Through this initiative Geocycle will collaborate with its partners to move beyond the traditional waste disposal paradigm helping them fulfill expectations of their environmentally conscious consumers and help them to contribute towards a cleaner planet.