Indonesia: Cleaning up the Oil and Gas Sector


The Challenge

Historically the client had relied on the third party contractor – but had concerns over the choice of the treatment method used. The client was also keen to see that the different types of waste be handled and treated using the most appropriate method available for the different types of waste.

Our Approach

We resolved the situation with a comprehensive offer – to segregate the different types of waste, arrange packaging for each type, transport from several different temporary storages location for further handling processes. We ensured hazardous waste treatment and disposal processes were brought within total compliance of regulations and the client’s internal environment and waste management requirements and their key performance indicators (KPIs) were met.


Geocycle completed a first contract of 1,500 tonnes of hazardous solid waste from three exploration and production sites earlier than the agreed timeline.

All waste types picked up were treated using the client desired treatment methods.