Guidelines on Pre- and Co-processing of Waste in Cement Production

GIZ, FHNW, LH and Geocycle have updated the 2006 Guidelines on Co-processing Waste Materials in Cement Production to support further development of environmentally sound and safe pre- and co-processing in developing countries.


Objective of the new guidelines:

  • Contribute to improve poor waste management practices, in particular in developing low and middle income countries
  • Promote Pre- and Co-processing as a competitive and sustainable waste management solution
  • Facilitate close collaboration between the public and private sectors on the topic
  • Set ambitious global standards for companies active in Pre- and Co-Processing
  • Share good practices and propose means for capacity building to ensure sound application of the technology
  • Provide links to organizations, institutions and companies active in the field of pre- and co-processing

Download Guidelines

Download Guidelines Pre-&Co-processing of Waste in Cement Production