Geocycle (Germany) is a reliable partner in the field of innovative recycling and recovery solutions for different waste streams and industrial by-products.

Our business approach has a clear focus on markets, customers and the related waste management. We are part of the global Geocycle network of Holcim Ltd. and offer services to establish the circular economy.

With over 30 years of experience, strong partnerships and a solution-driven mindset, we develop sustainable and safe solutions for the waste and recycling industry.



Sustainable waste management

Documentation of the treatment and recycling process

On-site consultation

Support for import and export management, including documentation in accordance with regulations

High standards in terms of health, safety and environmental protection

Evaluation, analysis and characterization of waste



Circular Economy

At Geocycle we reduce emissions in the cement production process and close material cycles along the value chain.

This is possible through co-processing - the simultaneous recycling of minerals and energy recovery within one single industrial process. This replaces virgin raw materials and saves CO2.

Right at the heart of the most important building material for the worlds infrastructure, Geocycle provides a unique service and contributes towards the circular economy.

Solid Waste

Non-recyclable plastics, roofing felts, tires and others


Dried sewage sludge, animal meal, waste wood, sawdust

Mineral waste

Construction and demolition waste, waste containing iron and aluminum

Waste oils, emulsions, solvents

Different Wastes - Different Solutions


Simultaneous energy recovery and material recycling

Pre-Processing Platform

Industrial residues from steel industry and others

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Utilization of tar contaminated waste, impregnated saw dust and waste oil





Geocycle Germany office

Geocycle (Deutschland) GmbH
Troplowitzstraße 5
22529 Hamburg

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