Geocycle UAE awarded by Ministry of Climate Change &amp Environment


EGA, one of our major customers, has held an Innovative Solutions for Industrial Wastes conference in October 8 2017, in which Geocycle was invited to contribute in.  Dr. Thani Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, and business leaders attended a meeting at Emirates Global Aluminium on re-using industrial waste. The event was held under the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s “UAE Toward Cleaner Production” initiative to reduce UAE industries impact on the environment and improve its global competitiveness”.

Riad Bestani, General Manager of Geocycle UAE, delivered a speech during the conference to further explain that Geocycle has collected, treated and disposed more than 20K tons per year and will continue to look for innovative solutions to recycle even more, including other wastes from EGA. The objective for the past 7 years was to address the issue of the hazardous waste, also known as SPL - Spent Pot Liners, generated from the aluminum industry and to provide solutions to dispose it in an eco-friendly and safe manner. Geocycle UAE has been awarded by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment for providing “Innovative Solutions for Industrial Wastes”. Without a doubt, by working together with EGA, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, local authorities, and by diverting waste from landfill to the cement plant, we will continue to achieve a greener and cleaner environment for the UAE.“By partnering with Geocycle, it has helped us to transfer SPL into an environmentally friendly way in which it is co-processed and fully utilised with zero remaining residue.” – Mr. Abdullah Salman, Executive Vice President at EGA