Geocycle partners with National Union of Pharmacists and Environment Ministry




Geocycle has always pushed the boundaries of finding innovative solutions to contribute towards a cleaner planet. This time we took up the challenge of pharmaceutical waste in Algeria which was landfilled up until 2008.  

In 2013, We developed the solution for expired medicines. Between 2008 to 2013 pharmaceutical waste was stored by waste producers. We signed an agreement for co-processing with the National Union of Pharmacists (Snapo) and Environment Ministry (MATE). We also worked in partnership with the Algerian Red Crescent.

To ensure the safe and compliant collection of these medicines, We built a partnership with a startup company in waste collection. We trained them on our standard to manage the service.

The result? We treated more than 1250 tons of pharmaceutical products treated in the best ecological conditions, until the end of the 1st quarter of 2021.

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