Egypt: Collaboration with Informal sector for management of MSW


Gecocycle Egypt has been instrumental in addressing municipal solid waste management problems in Qaliobiya Governorate. In light of the growing energy crisis facing industries in Egypt, Geocycle’s initiatives aim to cater to the need for alternative solutions while creating a new value chain for the local communities.

Geocycle offers a solution to safely co-process RDF  (i.e .remainder from household waste when all recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard and metal have been removed).

Our team helped in forming a dedicated team of zabbaleen workers (garbage collectors in Egyptian Arabic) to collect, treat and recycle waste allowing the creation of over 140 new jobs within the zabbaleen community. After a series of meetings, site visits and training workshops with our team, the workers were able ensure quality and regularity of supply of waste.  

The local Geocycle team created a dedicated waste treatment facility while ensuring basic safety standards onsite. They also helped them to develop the necessary logistical solutions to facilitate and optimize the transportation of RDF to our plant for co-processing.

For its efforts to improve waste management in Egyptian society and for developing the informal sector’s capabilities, Geocycle Egypt received the Social Impact Award of Swiss Companies in Egypt from Her Excellency the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation in 2017.