Agreement between Geocycle and Vancouver’s municipal water supplier provides an perfect example of circular economy

industrial symbiosis case study vancouver

Geocycle is helping make circular economy a reality by developing innovative and sustainable ways to use waste. In collaboration with Metro Vancouver, Geocycle co-processes waste from water treatment processes and recovers its inherent material value. The waste stream consists of residuals from Metro Vancouver’s Seymour Capilano Filtration Plant – including sediments and naturally occurring elements from the source water and coagulants/polymers from the treatment chemicals. As a result of this collaboration, Metro Vancouver is trucking significantly fewer tonnes of residuals off to the landfill and LafargeHolcim will be mining less virgin material.

The agreement with Metro Vancouver is for a minimum of 10,000 tonnes of residuals annually. A display will be set up at the plant to educate students and residents about the path it takes for residuals to become cement and eventually concrete.