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For many years, Geocycle Belgium has been providing waste management solutions for industrial waste through
co-processing, buidling industrial symbiosis with many waste producers like the chemical or petroleum industries to redirect their waste into its cement process. The company is a subsidiary of LafargeHolcim, the world’s no. 1 in the construction materials industry.

Geocycle Belgium provides a unique waste management solution thanks to its pre-treatment platform in Seneffe, and the strong partnership with the Obourg plant which co-process the pretreated waste into its 2 cement kilns.
This waste management solution offers an opportunity to divert a lot of waste from landfilling or incineration, without producing any ultimate residues.


Our services and waste streams

Geocycle offers an opportunity to divert a lot of waste from landfilling or incineration, without producing any ultimate residues.

Geocycle is able to receive various types of waste that can be pre-treated in our installations in Seneffe or directly recycled and recovered in the cement industry.  We can categorise our waste in different categories:

  • Liquid waste such as solvents, polluted water,…
  • Solid waste such as sawdust, fluff, …
  • Sludge/pasty waste such as sludge’s from waste water treatment plants, mineral slurry, paints, industrial sludges, ...
  • Mineral waste containing iron, alumina, silica,...  

Many waste streams co-processed by Geocycle are residues from other recycling operations for which this treatment completes the recycling and recovery process.

Know more about co-processing in cement plants

Our AFR guide to get more precise overview of the waste Geocycle Belgium is able to treat.

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Seveso upper-tier establishments

Geocycle installations in Seneffe were qualified as upper-tier establishments in May 2015. Hence the company is subject to a continuous safety improvement process for an adequate protection of the neighbours and people employed on site.

Certifications & accreditation

ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications also show Geocycle’s long-term commitment to improve the quality of service, and environmental protection, and  high standard for waste analysis.

If you wish to receive our sustainable development policy, send an email to


Our pre-treatment solutions

Our pre-processing platform in Seneffe provides 2 main types of treatment

Storage of drums
Solvent tanks
  • Geocycle’s pre-treatment platform is able to pre-process polluted water or hazardous waste like solvents with low flash point.
  • Geocycle’s pre-treatment platform produces also an impregnated saw dust which is obtained by mixing fresh saw dust, industrial sludges, waste of paints, see below




From fresh saw dust to impregnated saw dust with paint waste :

Fresh saw dust
Paint waste
Impregnated saw dust


The prepared streams are both co-processed in the cement kilns in Obourg. Geocycle’s pre-treatment platform continuously strives for technological improvement by regularly investing in polyvalent production units in combination with increasingly high-performance installations in terms of environmental protection.


Our pre-processed solution in Obourg (BEMTI)

In Obourg, a unique pre-treatment installation (“BEMTI” = "Boue d‘Épuration Municipale et de Traitement Industriel") has been installed to dry and grind waste coal sludge mixed with sewage sludges, industrial sludges and fly ashes. The final material has energy content and mineral content replacing traditional fuel and primary mineral materials.

Waste Sludges BEFORE pretreatment
Waste Sludges AFTER pretreatment in our BEMTI installation

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