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Geocycle Belgium has been providing, sustainable waste management solutions for over 30 years, to industrial customers located in the Benelux, Germany, Italy and Northern France.

This includes the entire process of inventory, analysis, acceptance, possible pre-treatment and recovery of the waste.

In 2020, over 400.000 tons of waste were co-processed in the Obourg kilns. About 100.000 tons were pre-treated at the Geocycle platform in Seneffe, whilst the other 300.000 tons were directly delivered to the Obourg cement plant.

This is an example of the circular economy at its best: the energy and mineral content of the non-recyclable waste in closed circuit are recycled and recovered in the clinker manufacturing kilns. By means of co-processing, we are committed to a 100 % use of the waste, without leaving behind any residues.

Read more about co-processing and its benefits here.



Our services and waste streams


Geocycle Belgium is able to handle various types of waste, that are either pre-treated in our Seneffe and Obourg installations or co-processed directly at the Obourg cement plant. Below you will find the main categories:

Plastics and combustible fractions of non-recyclable industrial waste in shredded and mainly 2D form.


Pasty waste
Paint sludges, bottom sludges and other bulk or packed waste.


Dried sewage sludge, animal meal, wood dust, impregnated sawdust, contaminated plant seeds and other plant based debris.


Mineral waste
Contaminated soil, construction and demolition waste, waste containing Al, Fe, Si, decarbonated calcium sources. (slag, ashes, …)


Solvents, water based solvents, waste oils, waste emulsions, polluted water.


Our AFR guide provides a more detailed overview of the waste flows that Geocycle Belgium can process for you. Do not hesitate to contact our commercial team to help you find the right solution for your waste.

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Geocycle Seneffe - Geocycle Obourg, our pretreatment platforms


The Geocycle platform in Seneffe can pre-treat the following waste streams:

  • Liquids: such as low flash points solvents. This unique concept makes Geocycle Seneffe a reliable partner for the acceptance & processing of these waste streams coming from the Benelux area, but also from other European countries.
  • Solids to integrate into impregnated sawdust consisting of : sawdust / wood dust, a waste type mainly coming from the wood processing industry, and pasty sludges such as paint waste, bottom fractions from oil storage tanks and alikes.

Geocycle Seneffe has been classified as a high-level facility according to SEVESO standards since 2015.

The cement kilns in Obourg offer fully circular solutions for non recyclable waste and alternative raw materials.

Below a list of materials that are recovered and/or recycled in the cement manufacturing process:

  • Liquids such as solvents, hot solvents (which solidify at ambient temperature) and waste waters,
  • Dehydrated sludges/filter cakes which are dried and grinded in a dedicated installation called “Bemti”,
  • Impregnated sawdust,
  • Mineral waste based on Al, Ca, Fe and Si,
  • Fluff/SRF from waste processing sites.

Environment and Safety


The implementation and success of an environmental management approach within a company requires mobilization and engagement from all stakeholders: from the management to the workers, including the subcontractors and the visitors.

This is why well thought out and regular awareness campaigns are essential to achieve sustainable behavior change.

Strict respect of our legal obligations, reduction of our carbon footprint, reduction of air and water pollution, care for the biodiversity and our local stakeholders are therefore regularly monitored & discussed.





Certifications and accreditations

The ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications show Geocycle’s long-term commitment to continuously improve the quality of service, the impact on the environment and its stakeholders, Health & Safety, whilst maintaining high quality standards at our qualified laboratory.


iso 9001      iso 14001      co2 neutral


Infographics for our drivers


In order to improve the understanding of the guidelines for (new) drivers on our sites, the ideal solution is a visual representation of the different unloading zones.



Catchy 2 fights the litter in the Nieuwe Maas river!


Catchy 2 is Allseas' latest waste collection system. It collects plastics and other waste from the Nieuwe Maas River before it ends up in the North Sea and ultimately into our oceans, threatening the environment, marine life and human health. 

Located under Rotterdam's Erasmus Bridge, the system operates 24/7, collecting both floating and submerged waste. Catchy 2 operates entirely on tide and current, and thanks to its rugged design it is not limited by weather conditions. 

Holcim and Geocycle are very proud to be sponsors of this fabulous project!



GO4ZERO, our “Zero carbon” ambition for future generations.

Read more about this great project here


Climate ambitions

Climate action is at the core of Geocycle/Holcim’s strategy to become a net zero company. With today’s growing population and rising urbanization, the construction sector is essential to build a net-zero future. At Holcim, we are at the forefront of decarbonizing building across its entire lifecycle to build better with less, from our own operations to low carbon construction, all the way to energy-efficient buildings in use.
If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit our site.


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