Rethinking Waste

We transform waste materials into valuable resources.

Geocycle offers a unique recovery and recycling service to tackle the global waste challenge, which leads to less landfill and less incineration.

Our network of advanced pre-treatment platforms provides scientifically proven and environment-friendly solutions, promotes industry leading standards to multinationals and municipalities worldwide.

By rethinking waste, we transform non-recyclable materials into resources.

We contribute to decarbonization, circularity and to the local communities.

Dealing with by-products from production can be costly and time consuming. We can be your reliable partner on your way to achieve sustainability goals.

We provide local communities with sustainable waste management solutions: smarter and economically more feasible.

Guidelines on Pre- and Co-processing in Cement Production

GIZ, FHNW, LH and Geocycle have updated the guidelines on co-processing waste materials in cement production to support further development of environmentally sound and safe operations in developing countries.