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About Us

Geocycle Poland is part of the global Geocycle network and has been in operation in the country since 2001. Thanks to one pre- processing facility and four kilns in Kujawy and Malogosh plants, we ensure seamless and professional waste management services to our customers. We work closely with our customers to meet their sustainability goals and  add value to their business through our tailored processes and in-depth expertise in managing waste. We are partnering with more than 80 customers in Poland and expanding our service footprint. In 2018, Geocycle Poland safely co-processed more than 430,000 tonnes of pre- treated waste including industrial and municipal waste.

Our Services

We have the ability to handle a broad variety of waste. We provide a wide range of waste management services, starting from assessment and consultation, laboratory analysis and waste characterization, logistics, transportation and finally waste preparation for co-processing in cement plants. We serve a wide variety of industries. Some of our largest customers are from the paper, foil and textile industry. We help mechanical biological treatment installations by managing the large volumes of sorted municipal waste for which they are seeking solutions.  We focus special attention on sustainably managing non-recyclable plastics through our facilities and offer a more sustainable alternative to landfilling or incineration, in line with EU waste treatment principles.


Waste management services we provide:

   ❑  Assessment and consultation
   ❑  Laboratory analysis and waste characterization
   ❑  Logistics
   ❑  Transportation
   ❑  Waste preparation for co-processing in cement plant

Our Expertise

We have a proven track record of maintaining highest health & safety standards while carrying out our operations. Complete traceability and transparency is ensured as well as full compliance with all statutory regulations and guidelines is maintained. We work with our customers to ensure they can promote a circular economy through their waste management. We develop practical and advanced solutions for a broad range of waste management issues.


Waste streams managed by us include :

  ✔  Sorted municipal waste
  ✔  Refused derived fuels from municipal and industrial waste 
  ✔  Waste from paper, textile and foil industry 
  ✔  Non recyclable plastics
  ✔  High carbon ash
  ✔  Impregnated sawdust
  ✔  Whole tyres
  ✔  Alumina oxide
  ✔  Various ashes


Third Unloading station with satellite burner 

Geocycle Polska supports the production development of the Kujawy Cement Plant with the challenge and requirements of the Group's strategy. The implementation of production and operational goals is carried out using the third unloading station with satellite burner.


Third unloading station with satellite burner allows to decrease the usage of traditional fuels in Kujawy  that means less CO2 from coal is emitted to the atmosphere. It may have an important impact on  life comfort in the region. Less traditional fuels means more alternative fuels with more effective emission factors can proceed in Kujawy Plant. 


Geocycle Polska, based on great experience, connects the expectations of the waste market with the requirements of the cement industry in Poland to reach sustainable strategy and take care of the environment. 



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