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  • For  the last 30 years, Geocycle (Italia) Srl has been active in providing sustainable and responsible waste treatment solutions. Geocycle is one of the pioneers in applying the Circular Economy principles, proposing innovative solutions that contribute to building a better world.
  • Geocycle (Italia) Srl, with its Tradate (VA) platform, manages industrial residues, ensuring proper recovery in the LH cement plants. Geocycle maintains the highest safety standards.
  • We put a focus on bringing with co-processing in Ternate a local solution for a local problem; however, for materials that cannot be treated locally we offer the entire international LafargeHolcim plant network as a solution. This provides additional treatment capacity to help Italian waste generators who have to cope with limited national treatment options.
  • Geocycle is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EMAS

Our Services and waste streams

Geocycle tank farm for flammable liquids, blanked with nitrogen.

We are here to support you in the assessment of your waste, its final treatment and the associated logistics. Geocycle (Italia) Srl is your partner for the following types of waste:

  • Mineral: contaminated soils from environmental remediation, concrete filter cakes, construction and demolition waste, sludge from road cleaning activities, iron, silica and aluminum containing waste
  • Liquid: solvents, water solvents, waste oil, emulsions
  • Biomass: dried sewage sludge, animal meal, waste wood, impregnated saw dust
  • Additional solids: plastic and rubber (e.g. tires, conveyor belts, sport flooring)

We would very much like to discuss further waste treatment options with you that are not mentioned here.

In Italy, we are present at the following locations:

  • Waste pretreatment platform in Tradate (VA)
  • Cement plant in Ternate (VA)

Tradate pretreatment platform

Waste reception by truck and train.

Our platform is authorized to yearly pre-process 27500 t of hazardous liquid waste:

  • Solvents
  • Polluted water
  • Oil and emulsions

Liquid waste is analyzed and safely blended in order to respect the final destination requests.
With our brand new laboratory, we ensure complete characterization of all liquid waste managed.
We ensure that our pretreated waste meets the quality expectations of our receiving LafargeHolcim plants respecting the requirements of health and safety as well as environmental protection.

Activated carbon filter for emission abatemen and dedicated fire extinguisher systems for each tank.

Meet us at the “ECOMONDO” fair!

The International trade fair for material, energy and sustainable development will be held in Rimini, Italy on 5-8 November 2019.

Ecomondo is the LEADING EURO-MEDITERRANEAN AREA CIRCULAR ECONOMY fair. On a 113.000 sq m exhibition space, 1250 exhibitors will welcome more than 115.000 visitors. We are looking forward to meeting you there at the stand B3, booth 149.

building ecomondo

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