Geocycle Bangladesh


Geocycle Bangladesh is part of the worldwide network of Geocycle waste management companies. In Bangladesh, we have been offering our professional services in the field of waste management since 2012.

With the expansion of industrial base and population growth in Bangladesh, increasingly larger volumes of waste are generated. For Geocycle Bangladesh, this creates an opportunity to actively contribute to responsible waste management by following a sustainable approach.

Our Services

We, as a service provider, have been offering co-processing services to several prominent companies in Bangladesh's oil & gas, pharmaceutical, agro-product, plastic waste from various sources, food, pesticide, tannery and consumer goods sectors. Our clientele includes both private and public entities, government agencies, and other organizations and we have successfully managed a diverse range of waste streams, which include:

  • Off-spec consumer products
  • Contaminated packaging material
  • Non-recyclable plastics
  • Sorted municipal solid waste
  • Leather cutting and dust from tannery
  • Expired chemically-treated seeds
  • Contaminated soil
  • Expired raw material
  • Pesticide
  • Incinerator ash
  • ETP sludge (Textile & other industries)
  • Used oil, hydrocarbon sludge
  • Expired or off-spec medicine
  • Contaminated waste water
  • Selected chemicals in a liquid, solid or semi-solid form

Geocycle Bangladesh diligently upholds the internationally recognized and widely accepted protocols for handling and co-processing a wide range of waste materials, in accordance with the Holcim group's stringent standards.


Our Location


Geocycle Bangladesh, the only waste management service provider of LafargeHolcim Bangladesh, offers unparalleled co-processing services at the Chhatak plant. As the country's sole integrated cement plant, Chhatak provides a safe and environmentally sound solution for waste management through Geocycle.


Our Expertise

  • We guarantee compliant and thorough waste disposal in accordance with both local and global standards.
  • We provide waste generators with peace of mind by ensuring complete and sustainable destruction.
  • We conduct our business activities professionally and responsibly, managing risks carefully to protect our employees, communities, and the environment. This also serves to safeguard and enhance our customers' reputation.


LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited
Ninakabbo, Level-7, 227/A
Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak (Gulshan Tejgaon Link Road) Tejgaon
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh