What we do

At Geocycle, we rethink waste. 

Our mission is to transform waste into resources on a large scale and promote a sustainable circular economy.

Rethinking waste for people and the planet

As we focus on building a sustainable future for our planet, we are faced with the global trends of a growing population and rising urbanization. These trends accentuate today’s global challenges – from climate change to resource scarcity and waste issues. Awareness of environmental issues is equally on the rise, and with landfill contributing to 5% of our world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, the time to act is now. 

To address these challenges, Geocycle provides sustainable waste management solutions to benefit people and the planet. Waste management is critical to building a sustainable future. 

To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Reducing natural resource consumption and carbon emissions 
  • Recycling materials
  • Recovering non-recyclable waste

We foster industrial symbiosis and provide highly compliant, economical and practical solutions that give our customers and partners peace of mind on our common journey towards sustainability.

We also actively engage with local communities to understand their needs and support their goals. Through this collaboration, we can ensure our actions resonate with global needs and foster positive change worldwide.

We work with industry and municipality partners to provide sustainable, circular solutions for their waste management challenges. Our scientifically proven solutions ensure peace of mind for our customers by enabling them to overcome their waste challenges and achieve their sustainability targets.

Geocycle advances sustainable building by helping decarbonize construction materials. We facilitate the recycling and recovery of waste into alternative fuels and raw materials. This process decreases the use of limited natural resources and minimizes the environmental impact of construction.

We set industry standards by implementing our scientifically proven and innovative solutions to manage waste responsibly. We uphold the strictest safety standards to prevent environmental harm and engage with local communities to address their needs effectively.

Do you want to understand more about Geocycle's innovative solutions? Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn about our commitment to sustainability and how we manage waste.

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