The goal of a circular economy is to keep materials and products in use through reuse, recycling, repair and refurbishment. While there is a global consensus on the need for circularity, there is a lack of access to circular waste management solutions. 

At Geocycle, our solution is circular by design. We transform waste into resources and preserve limited raw materials.

Circular cities address global challenges

The traditional linear economy is still the dominant model: only 7.2% of today’s global economy is circular.1 Raw materials are extracted from the earth and used to manufacture products before eventually becoming waste and ending up in landfills or incinerators. 

As resources are consumed and disposed of faster than the planet can replenish, their potential energy and value cannot be recovered. This system of linear consumption is unsustainable in the long term. 

A circular city disposes of waste sustainably, avoiding pollution, and keeps materials in use. Geocycle puts this into action by recycling end-of-life materials and recovering non-recyclables. 

1 Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative

Helping partners be more circular

Geocycle works with multinational corporations (MNCs), municipalities and industries to recycle anything that can be recycled, and to reuse the raw materials from waste, reducing further quarry of natural virgin materials .

Urban mining is a key component of the circular economy. Our experts provide the know-how to recycle materials recovered from municipal and industrial waste as inputs for cement production. This closes the circular loop in the supply chain and promotes the preservation of natural resources. 

We also provide solutions for our partners to manage mineral waste. Our large-scale solutions recycle these materials to avoid sending them to landfills, instead reusing them to substitute virgin resources.

Geocycle offers solutions to customers seeking to reduce their environmental impact. By recycling, reusing and recovering materials, Geocycle supports our partners’ sustainability targets and reduces their environmental footprint.

Do you want to understand more about Geocycle's innovative solutions? Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn about our commitment to sustainability and how we manage waste.

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