People and communities

We deliver large-scale, practical waste management solutions to help create a cleaner and greener world for all. 

It is our mission to rethink waste to protect the environment, drive the local economy and improve the livelihoods of communities around the world.

Supporting local communities

Each year, the world generates more than two billion tons of municipal waste, with almost two-thirds ending up at uncontrolled landfill sites. In many locations, there is no sustainable waste management system in place. Without alternatives, waste is frequently dumped or burned close to homes, harming public health, local economies and the environment. This is a big concern near waterways as an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans every year1

Geocycle is committed to preventing this pollution and protecting local communities. By promoting better waste governance, we avoid the contamination of air, soil and water.

1 UN Sustainable Development 

Low-cost solutions for waste management

Geocycle plays an integral role in the communities where we operate. Before introducing our services to a community, Geocycle considers its existing waste structure. By utilizing local infrastructure, we can deliver low-cost waste management solutions and reduce the need for further investment. Additionally, by reducing dependence on imported materials and energy, we lessen the risk of supply chain disruption and related financial issues.

Through our commitment to local solutions, we increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable waste management. Our waste treatment solutions are designed to benefit the local area. We divert waste from landfills and waterways, ensuring its safe and sustainable management. 

We also contribute to the economic development around our plants by creating local jobs in waste collection and treatment. Where possible, we collaborate with the informal sector, including rag pickers and waste collectors, further contributing to job creation for disadvantaged populations. 

Recycling programs in Colombia

In 2015 and 2016, Geocycle partnered with four towns near Nobsa, Colombia to implement education programs about recycling for more than 18,000 people. These programs explained how Geocycle’s waste treatment solutions work for locations that do not have access to recycling opportunities. 

During this partnership, over 50 tons of waste was collected and sent to the local Holcim plant to be transformed into alternative raw materials and fuels. 

Geocycle also introduced an initiative inviting experts to visit the plant and witness our solutions first-hand. 

Health, safety and environment (HSE) is a defining principle at Geocycle. Our teams identify, detect and manage potential hazards and take preventative measures to reduce the manifestation of risks.

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