Municipalities have a responsibility to handle waste safely and sustainably, but that doesn’t come without its challenges. At Geocycle, we provide waste recycling and recovery solutions adapted for cities and local authorities.

Challenges for municipalities

With municipal waste expected to reach a worldwide total of 3.8 billion tons by 2050, waste management is a growing issue for cities and local authorities. This inevitably has an economic impact on the local community. With the cost of landfills rising, waste management can be a drain on local resources. 

Environmental concerns also exacerbate the difficulty of proper municipal waste disposal as many communities lack adequate waste management infrastructure. Waste sent to landfills results in plastic pollution and marine littering, while water, soil and air contamination can also lead to serious health risks. 

Local governments are tasked with meeting community expectations and sustainability goals amid these challenges, underscoring the urgent need for efficient and effective waste management solutions.

Geocycle’s solutions

Our customized, future-oriented solutions are designed for the long term and integrate seamlessly with local waste management practices. We specialize in collaborating with municipalities to help them tackle their waste challenges and transform waste into resources. We recover different types of municipal waste through urban mining, including household waste, construction rubble, garden debris and commercial byproducts. 

Our existing infrastructure minimizes landfill use and protects waterways, effectively limiting greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. This comprehensive approach supports each community’s environmental goals. 

We understand that effective waste management relies on collaboration. We take a holistic approach that pairs our expertise across waste types with raising awareness about local waste challenges. Together with our partners, we rethink waste to deliver local solutions to protect the environment, drive the local economy and improve the livelihoods of communities around the world.

Responding to waste challenges in the Galapagos Islands

In the Galapagos, Geocycle Ecuador partnered with the local community to create a waste management solution that addressed their needs. 

Finding new uses for non-recyclable materials and recycling was critical for an archipelago with limited land and resources. Together with the local residents, we implemented waste recovery solutions that retrieved 59% of all waste and transformed 50 tons of non-recyclable waste into alternative fuels. 

This collaboration resolved a longstanding problem for the region while helping set a new gold standard for sustainable waste practices in fragile environments.

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