At Geocycle, we know the complexity, cost and safety concerns of industrial waste management. Our expertise enables us to deliver tailored, sustainable waste management solutions that mitigate these challenges and enhance business efficiency.

Challenges for industries

Managing waste can be low on the agenda for multinational corporations (MNCs) focusing on business continuity and efficiency. The steady increase in landfill costs makes the disposal of industrial waste both expensive and time-consuming, ultimately distracting from core business operations. 

Another major consideration for MNCs is meeting sustainability goals and customer expectations, as businesses need to manage waste from both product production and customer use. There is a need to demonstrate a sustainable approach to waste management, and this starts by minimizing contribution to landfill. 

Businesses also face significant challenges in dealing with hazardous waste. This inevitably requires a specialist solution to minimize risk. 

This is why industrial symbiosis is at the core of Geocycle’s business. We specialize in turning waste challenges into opportunities and transforming waste into resources.

Geocycle’s solutions

We have a rich history of working with industrial partners to provide solutions to their waste challenges. 

We offer solutions that prioritize safety and compliance while reducing liabilities. Our risk engineering capabilities mean that we can handle a wide range of waste types—including hazardous materials—safely and cost-effectively. This specialized approach reduces both business risks and environmental impact, ensuring compliance with stringent standards while supporting our clients’ needs. Ultimately, it guarantees peace of mind that waste is being handled by a team of experts. 

This approach not only allows for effective waste management but also contributes to a circular economy. By recycling and recovering waste, we reduce reliance on virgin materials and help our partners meet both their sustainability targets and stakeholders’ expectations.

Giving discarded tiles a second life

Geocycle's partnership with Johnson Tiles, a UK ceramic tile manufacturer, exemplifies our approach to industrial symbiosis. 

Johnson Tiles faced a stockpile of tiles that was costly to dispose of and hindered business development. We began our robust waste pre-qualification process with them to develop a plan to responsibly address all their needs. 

We developed a recycling pipeline that cleared their plant and repurposed thousands of tons of ceramic waste into construction materials. For Johnson Tiles, peace of mind is guaranteed with a consistent, reliable solution to dispose of waste sustainably. 

Johnson Tiles is a prime example of Geocycle's commitment to providing sustainable waste solutions that support our clients' environmental stewardship.

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