Geocycle at a glance

Providing waste management solutions in a future oriented way requires disruptive thinking, active engagement and collaboration. Geocycle rethinks waste challenges to provide innovative ways to manage it. Our promise is clear: We work relentlessly to bring society a step closer to a zero-waste future.

Geo means ‘earth’ in Greek. Cycle evokes recycling. But it also suggests a larger process – the regenerative cycle in nature where waste materials are the foundation for creating new life. The name Geocycle alludes to the ‘holistic’ nature of what we do: turning waste into energy and recycled materials. By this, we participate in a regenerative, circular economy that closes resource cycles.

Our dedicated experts and partners work persistently toward this goal. We are the most driven, innovative, disruptively thinking and energized solution provider for a circular economy.

Discover why we do, what we do

For industries, dealing with waste can be costly, time consuming and diversion from their main business.

Waste can create a business risk and operational liability.

Municipalities require smarter, more sustainable and economically feasible answers to solve their waste challenges.

We partner with you to sustainably solve the community’s waste challenges.

In many countries, management of post harvest agricultural residues is a major challenge.

These residues are often burnt in the open which can cause pollution having major health impacts for the community.

Waste management companies deal with a wide variety of waste and thus require extensive capacity, flexibility and expertise in their waste management partners.