The first truck of plastic waste from Jojari river banks was dispatched to Geocycle India facility


We can do our part in greening our cities, cleaning our rivers and protecting our ecosystems. This is what the theme of World Environment Day 2021 espouses. At Geocycle we collaborate with partners to find the most sustainable solution for waste, turning it into a circular resource and diverting it from landfills and the natural environment. 

As an extension of these efforts Geocycle India recently collaborated with Rekart Innovations Private limited to provide support for cleaning up the Jojari riverbed in Pipar City, Rajasthan. River Jojari is a lifeline of the area and its usefulness for agriculture, ecosystems, water resources, etc. makes it an important river that needs speedy revival.  Rekart successfully set up a mechanical sorting machine in Pipar for the segregation of waste dumped along the Jojari riverside. This plant treats mixed and untreated waste on the dumpsite and segregates low-value plastic waste and other combustible waste.

Through this project, more than 150 tons of plastic waste is expected to be recovered from the riverside. This waste will be treated through co-processing in Geocycle's facilities ensuring complete recycling and recovery.  

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