We are working towards making our planet a better place for future generations, thus, we rethink waste and define new ways to manage it.
We are leading the way towards a new approach to waste management, one that delivers improved sustainability outcomes for ourselves, our customers and our communities

Our approach ensures recycling and recovery of resource value inherent in the waste. The environmental benefits of the waste management solution we provide are numerous:
it prevents residues and reduces the need for landfills, It frees up valuable land for more profitable human use, It eliminates toxins that can find their way into soil and groundwater.

We save municipalities from having to sink valuable funds into ecologically regressive technologies. Our solution also contributes to reduced GHG emissions and saves natural resources.

Our Sustainable Achievements

  • Natural resource preservation
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Close the loop of material recycling
  • Sustainable communities (by providing local jobs)
  • Protect health and ensure safety
  • Promote use of renewable energies like biomass